Hardin Interior Custom Painting (Primrose Homes-Builder)
November 2007
Dining Room
Kids Bathroom


  • Newly built custom home
  • Tape, paper and plastic all windows, doors and flooring
  • Vacuum perimeter of all floors at walls
  • Spray one coat High Build Primer on all walls
  • Sand all walls after primer
  • Apply one coat Sherwin Williams superpaint satin on all walls
  • Spray two coats Sherwin Williams flat white on all ceilings
  • Putty all nail holes and sand all trim
  • Caulk all seams and joints in trim
  • Spray one coat primer on all bare wood trim
  • Sand all trim between coats
  • Spray two coats Sherwin Williams Superpaint semi-gloss white on all trim and doors
  • Stain all stainable wood surfaces to match flooring at customers request
  • Spray two coats lacquer sealer on stained areas
  • Sand all stained wood areas
  • Putty all nail holes in stained wood areas with custom color matched putty
  • Spray two final coats Lacquer semi gloss on stained wood areas
  • Apply final coat Sherwin Williams Superpaint satin on walls