Janetta Residence
October 2008
All rooms looked like this after wallpaper was removed and plaster crew reapired and skim coated new and existing walls and ceilings
After wallpaper removal primer was applied then the start of the finish coats
Ready for wallpaper


This job was a great experience for Painting By Wayne. There were many different finishes, very fine detail, old surfaces, new surfaces, cabinets, shelving, painted surfaces, stained surfaces, wallpaper removal, patching, scraping, caulking, sanding, spraying, brushing, rolling and more. Words or pictures cannot describe the beauty of the work on this job. I would like to thank my employees for a job well done as always!

  • Remove all wallpaper
  • Remove all wallpaper adhesive
  • Remove existing rough caulking around trim
  • Sand all trim, doors, heater covers, walls, and other surfaces to be painted
  • Apply one coat oil base primer on all walls where wallpaper and adhesive have been removed
  • Apply one coat masonry primer on all new plaster surfaces
  • Apply one coat bonding primer on all previously painted trim, doors, etc.
  • Apply one coat latex wood primer on all new wood surfaces
  • Sand all primed surfaces and between finish coats of paint
  • Caulk all trim as needed
  • Putty all nail holes in trim as needed
  • Apply two coats wallpaper sizing on walls being papered
  • Spray two coats latex satin or semi gloss on trim, doors, cabinets, etc
  • Apply two coats latex flat or satin on all walls and ceilings
  • Stain all new wood trim and built-ins to match existing trim and built-ins
  • Apply two coats lacquer sealer on all stained wood surfaces
  • Putty all holes on stained surfaces with custom color matched wood putty
  • Apply three to four coats lacquer (sheen to match existing) on all stained areas
Four colors
Fine detail
More detail
Cool ceiling
Taped and ready for another color
Primer applied ready for finish coats
Finish coat applied
Getting walls ready for artist
More fine detail work
Master bedroom
Final coat
Master Bedroom
Existing book cases that were matched
Bookshelves and built-ins were stained to match existing crown molding and trim
Bookshelves are stained and 5-6 coats of lacquer applied